Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I am always tickled by this signboard promoting a certain massage service on my way back to my house from work.

Translation: Malay "Massage - Change Size"

Papi : Ha ha ha Urut to ubah saiz.

Mami : Urut what ah?

Papi : What do you think?

Mami : Urut tangan also can what. Some people, one hand is bigger than the other hand. So they 'urut' it to make it smaller or bigger, so both hands will be the same size.

Papi : Ha ha ha....

Mami : he he he....

Mami was just pulling my legs.

FYI, if you don't already know what service they are promoting, it is actually a traditional massage for men to enlarge their penis. I am not sure whether it actually works, and I have never tried it before, so, no comment.

Just wondering....who is giving the massage, male or female? If the massager is a she (and a hot one too), and she 'urut' it, of course it will 'ubah saiz'. Ha ha ha....