Monday, September 20, 2004

Kampung Wedding part 2

Pop quiz.

If the wedding dinner is at 6.30pm, and the restaurant is about 5 minutes drive from the house, with no traffic congestion in kampung, what time would you leave your home?

The answer is................6.45pm!!

So we reached the restaurant about 7pm. Most of the guest have arrived, except for a few VIPs.

All seated.

As in normal kampung wedding, karaoke is a must. And for this, they got professional services. They came in a van with the complete set of karaoke, with super duper big speakers in front of the stage, a small TV set for the song lyrics, an up-to-date karaoke songs library, and a big red banner (complete with HP number) to promote their services which they conveniently hung it on the stage. There's more..... they also provide MC service, 2 hot female singers and a Beyond-wanna-be male singer.

The dinner finally started around 8pm. The normal dishes you would find in a Chinese wedding dinner. But what amused me most is the karaoke session. Every Tom, Dick and Harry would go up and show off their 'talent'. If Simon Cowell was there, he would have drop dead right there and then. And the speaker turned up to the max didn't help either. Waves of hokkien songs after hokkien songs were bombarded at the diners.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, let's put your hand together for the Kampung Idol!!"

These hot duo were getting more attention than the newlyweds.

The dinner ended around 10pm, but the torture singing didn't not stop there. They kept singing even if the crowd has gone home.

I didn't stayed to find out who won the Kampung Idol contest.

The dinner was so-so, the portion of the dishes was small. Almost everyone went back looking for food. After the dinner, when we reached my in-laws home, everyone seems to have the same common goal. To reach for the pack of dried meat we bought home.

Mami told me another cousin is getting married. What? Another Karaoke session?