Friday, September 17, 2004

Touch & Go

I was reading a story about a Touch & Go user being overcharged because of faulty reader. Apparently, when he first touched the reader with the card, the gate didn't open, and the display shows the toll charges but no balance was shown. Then he touched it a couple of time again, until the gate finally open. He later found out that he was also being charged for the first couple of time he touched the reader when the gate didn't open.

I never trusted the Touch & Go card. I have used it before, but after a week, I decided to go cash. For some reason, the reader at the toll plaza near my house could not read my card. It happened twice, but not at other toll plazas, and I tell you it was not a pleasant experience. Back then, there were no staff standing by to help you if you have problem with the card/reader. You spoke to them thru the intercom, and you will have to wait until they walk all the way from their office and open the gate manually for you. All this time, people behind the queue will be honking at you, shouting profanities at you, dagger-stare at you like you have raped their pet dog. After those incidence, I lose confidence in the card.

T&G with credit cards, T&G at parking, T&G at LRT, T&G this, T&G that. Thanks, but no thanks.

But one thing I do not understand. Why do people have to choose to re-charge their T&G at 6.30pm at the T&G Recharge lane knowing that this is the peak rush hour time where people is rushing to go back home, and still queuing up at the 1km long queue??