Friday, September 17, 2004

Who buy the moon cake?

One day, Mr. Chee hit the lottery. Not big lar, only 1 big 1 small, 3rd prize. As he was feeling very happy, so he decided to get some moon cakes for his colleagues.

So he went to Kam Lan Lun Tai and bought 2 boxes of Golden Jade Light moon cakes. At the office he gave to the secretary, so she could cut it up, and everyone can enjoy it over tea time (10am to 12am).

So his colleagues was very happy. Got free mooncakes mah. Then the big boss came in to the pantry. He helped himself with the mooncake. Taruk kaw kaw.. So after the boss finished eating, he asked....

"Hmmm nice ah....who buy ah?

The colleagues said ....

"Chee buy lar"

;) The above was adapted from an SMS I received some time back.