Thursday, September 23, 2004

Amazing Race

I can only say one thing about The Amazing Race 5 finale 2-hour show on Astro AXN last night: "Amazing!!". For those who have not watch it, you might wanna skip reading this (spoiler ahead).

And for the first time, the team that Mami and I 'sokong' won. Chip and Kim. I must say that they are not the most competitive team in this race, and they are not the strongest as well. But they played the game well, and with good strategy. Chip was struggling to ascend the limestone wall, pulling his heavy weight up the rope, but the fitter Brandon managed to take over the lead. Brandon and Nicole finished first in the Pit Stop for this leg of the race, but they finished third in the final.

The strongest team and the most competitive and aggresive team would be Colin and Christie. They have been number 1 in many legs of the race, but they finished second after Chip and Kim in the final. The Yield used by Chip and Kim in the Phillippines on Colin and Christie really turned the race around. But Colin and Christie went very aggresive after that and managed to catch up with the rest.

It was a good race indeed. They deserves the 2004 Emmy Awards they won for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program few days ago. Can't wait for the next season The Amazing Race 6 to start in October. Yay!

sokong: Malay meaning to support.