Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mid Autumn

Today is Mid Autumn Festival. The 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Calendar.

But what a way to start the day. Today's traffic jam has got to be the worst jam this year! It took us almost 1.5 hours to get from our house to the office. Normally it took us only 15 minutes. Traffic was at a standstill. But looking on a bright side, I get to 'admire' the surroundings, otherwise I would normally zoom by. We also got to see some monkeys jumping from trees to trees. No, not the boy band Blue. The real monkeys.

From the radio, we found out that a container truck broke down somewhere near the underpass near the Subang Airport-Subang Jaya-Federal Highway interchange, reducing from two lane to one. For those who are familiar with this area will know that this is a very 'sensitive' point. Sikit flood = jam. Sikit accident = jam. Car broke down = jam. Road side work = jam. An indon talking on his mobile phone on the road side = jam. I guess Murphy's right.

Back to Mid Autumn Festival, tonite we 'makan besar'. Mid Autumn Festival is suppose to be a family gathering. But my brother could not make it because he is working the night shift tonight. My parents are having chicken rice tonite, yeay!! Authentic home-cooked Hainanese Chicken complete with the fragrant chicken-oil rice, hot and spicy hand-pounded chilli sauce with garlic and ginger, chicken soup with chicken 'spare-parts' and of course, succulent boiled 'white' kampung chicken. Even thinking about it now makes me droooooool.... yumm... And my mother has another specialty up her sleeves. Her special sauce of fried onions with dark soy sauce, coriander and vegetable oil. Dip the chicken in and....ahhhh....heavenly! OK..OK...enough already, it still early till dinner...ha haha

Tonite we will be having some tang lung walkabout in the neighbourhood, organised by the neighbourhood comittee. So expect to see Yiyi with her Doraemon, Papi with his Ultraman and Mami with her paper lantern, and some high-pitch annoying melody from the lantern, tonite. See ya there!!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!

Sikit flood: Malay + English meaning a little bit of flood
Sikit accident : Malay + English meaning a small accident
Indon : Malay, a short term for Indonesia, meaning Indonesian foreign workers.
chicken spare parts : meaning chicken's internal organ, a delicacies
tang lung: Cantonese meaning lantern.