Monday, September 27, 2004

Another fall

Yiyi had another fall last week.

It was Friday evening, we just came back fetching Yiyi from my parents' home. I was preparing to go out for a game of badminton, and Mami was having her shower. Yiyi was in her old walker, which she has outgrown. Big Mistake No.1. We were supposed to get the new walker, which is much bigger and stable, from my parents' house, but because we were rushing back so I could prepare for the badminton game, we forgot to take the new walker along.

I was wearing my socks and sport shoes when the Astro remote she was playing fell to the floor. In an instance, she tried to reach for it on the floor, leaning her body out of the walker. Because her upper weight is heavier, so she toppled together with the walker, face first. It happend in a split second! In a flash, I rushed to her (about 2 feet away), carefully carried her up. Then she started to cry. Loudly.

I tried to calm her down, while checking for any visible injuries. I carried her in my arms, with her face on my shoulder, facing my back. So I could not see her face. But this point, Mami had heard her cried, and rushed out from the bathroom. And when Mami carried her, I saw something that sank my heart. A drop of blood on her lip.

That takes the daylight out of me. I quickly prepared to bring her to a nearby clinic/hospital. But Mami said we should probably calm her down first, and then see how serious was her injuries. So we tried everything to calm her down. Mami remembered that a little sugar will stop the bleeding (her sister's advice). She put some sugar in her mouth, hoping the sweetness will stop her from crying, and will somehow stop the bleeding. It did stop the crying, but only for a while. But no more bleeding. And her upper lip started to swell. We played with her using her toys and teddy bears, and soon she calmed down and was able to smile when we played with her.

So I checked for internal injuries, her hands, legs, her abdomen, her back, and most importantly her head. Everything seems fine. And soon she was beginning to respond to us when we asked her on certain things that she understand. Upon further examination, we found out that she actually punctured her upper lip with her only two bottom teeth. And since she fell face-down, she bumped her left cheek. We applied some warm towel over her face to sooth her and to relieve the swelling of her lip.

Few moments later, when we confirmed she's ok, we put her to sleep. But all the while we were alert with her, making sure she is really ok, no nausea symptom, or vomitting (* touch wood* ).

It was really a scary and harrowing experience, especially when I saw blood on her lip. I should have been more careful and more alert with her. I made a mistake. This will serves as a lesson to me, and I will be more careful with her.

Sorry, Yiyi.