Friday, October 01, 2004

"We accept"

In NST today, the Works Minister said the ministry accepted the findings and the report by the Halcrow Consultants Ltd.

Datuk Seri said:
"The cracks have nothing to do with the workmanship or the lack of concrete. It is the arrangement of the bars, and the reinforcement from the column to the crossbeams of the T-shaped pillars. At the place where the steel beams supporting the crossbeams and columns were supposed to merge, they are independent of each other,"

Samy Vellu also said the cost of repairs on the MRR2 flyover would not exceed RM20 million, adding that the Government will foot the bill first.

"We cannot wait for the contractor to obtain funds before starting on the repairs. We will decide who picks up the tab after the job is done."

"We want them to be involved in doing the job properly. That is more important than blacklisting them and sending them off. They would be very happy if you do that!"

All I heard is :