Thursday, September 30, 2004

Design Flaws

So it's design deficiencies after all (as reported in NST). The British consultant firm, Halcrow Consultants Ltd, briefed the Works Minister and his engineers on the report that pointed out the cracks on the MRR2 were caused by design deficiencies.

I remembered the Works Minister claimed that the cracks were not due to design failure. He said (quoting from Jeff Ooi's Screenshots) :
"This is no design failure. The engineer can sue them. The design was submitted to our office. Nobody can open his mouth and say design failure."
So what do you have to say, Datuk Seri? Appoint yet another independent consultant? If the design was submitted to their office, why was it approved? Was the work supervised? Looks like Datuk Seri has a lot of answering to do. Let's see what level is his Tai-Qi.