Monday, October 04, 2004

Satria R3

I read the news report on the launching of the Proton Satria R3 with a mixed feeling.
R3 stands for Race Rally Research. At first, I thought it was Race Race RACE!!

I was really interested in what the special projects head was trying to say:

“pure driving passion, by enthusiasts for enthusiasts”
- design by race kaki for race kaki.

“The Satria R3 is designed from the outset to be an accessible driver’s car."
- you can race using Malaysian highway and trunk road. No need for race tracks.

“In short, it’s a road-legal track car.
- Can outrun a police car, anytime, anywhere, no problemo.

“The five-speed manual transmission and non-conformity ensure you stand out in the crowd and re-define the limits.
- zig zag in the traffic, zooming at break-neck speed.

“From every angle, it portrays speed, motion, energy and audacity,”
- A sure win machine in lumba haram.

Only four cars are produced daily to ensure quality and each car is hand trimmed.
- for shorter waiting period, duit kopi must be ready.

race kaki: Malay loosely translated as race cars enthusiasts.
lumba haram: Malay meaning illegal car racing.
duit kopi: Malay loosely translated as bribe.