Monday, October 11, 2004


Last week....

I was looking at some photos of Yiyi on my PC when a colleague came to me:

Uncle Soh : Wah! Is that your daughter?

Papi : Yes. I am just cleaning up the photos.

Uncle Soh : How old is she now?

Papi : She just turned one 3 days ago.

Uncle Soh : Wah...Can she walk?

Papi : Walk? ha ha ...she's still learning to crawl.

Uncle Soh : What?! Aiya!! You ah...don't pamper her too much lar...

Papi : hehehehe....

Uncle Soh : Let her crawl on her own, no need to carry, if she fall, let her fall. It's part of the growing process.

Papi : Yalor, you should tell it to the mother.

Uncle Soh : You see, some kids can walk when they are 9 months. Let her on her own, then she will learn faster.

Papi : First time parents mah.. sure a bit worry one..he hehe...

Yup, she's still learning to walk, .... no, actually she is still learning to crawl to be exact he hehe... I think this Uncle Soh has got a point. We have been worrying to much. We put pillows everywhere. We carry her often. That's why she's a bit slow on learning to walk.

Now we are teaching her how to walk. But first we teach her how to stand first. I would hold her both hands, and she would stand on her feet. Slowly, I asked her to walk, step by step, she's doing alright, but her legs are wobbly..ha haha...

Let's see whether she could start walking by next Chinese New Year..