Thursday, October 07, 2004

Celebrity Spotting

OMG! I saw a celebrity today, while I was paying my bills at the post office. I recognised his face but I don't know his name.

You know the guy who played the Mamak in the Malaysian Idols TV ads? The one that goes:

*music playing - Sugar Sugar by The Archies*
Dude : Oi, Mamak....... Tolong kira berapa?

Mamak : Semuanya lima puloh! ...... Itu tisu saya kasi free.

Dude : Oi, Mamak!! ....... Macam mana kira?

Mamak : Kalau ta boleh bayaaarr.....boleh masuk buku tiga lima....

He was walking up and down the counters at the post office, I am not sure what he was doing. I think he was just testing whether the public could recognise him. I did. I wanted to get his autograph and do a Sugar Sugar "Oi Mamak...Apa buat sini?" , but since my queue number was up, and I didn't want to miss my turn, so I left him alone.

In real life, he looks exactly the same as on TV. I thought it was makeup or some sort of special effects to make him look...err.... you know....funny, on TV. But he does look funny in real life. I was trying so hard not to laugh when I saw him which reminded me of the ads. I tell you, this guy has got potential. Move over, William Hung. Mamak is coming!!