Thursday, October 07, 2004

Up, Up, UP!!

I remember there was one time when I was small, my father came back from work and very excitedly told us that he'll be on TV that night. We asked him what was it about. He told us that he was pumping petrol in one of the pumping station in Bangsar, when some reporters with a video camera came to interview him. That night, all of us were glued to the TV, with the VCR on standby to record his 10 secs appearance on national TV. It was on TV2 news:

Reporter : Encik, apa fikiran encik mengenai kenaikan harga minyak beberapa hari yang lalu?
(Sir, what do you think of the petrol price increase a few days ago?)

Dad : Errr..... kalu minyak naik, semua mesti naik lar.
(Err... if the price of petrol increase, the others will increase as well.)

Reporter : Semua mesti naik?
(The others will increase?)

Dad : Yalar, gula kah, tepung kar, beras kar..
(Yes, like sugar, flour, rice...)

Yup, he is right! Everytime the petrol price increases, others will increase. First chicken, then vegetables. Then transportation fees, school bus fees, taxi fees, hawker food. Now TNB wanted to increase the electricity tariff rate.

Aiya! Ini naik, itu naik, gaji beli mau naik??!
(Aiya! This increase, that increase, when our salaries are to be increased?)