Monday, October 11, 2004


Last Friday, I played my first game of badminton in err......5 years? No, maybe 6. Wow!! It was that long??

My brother has been asking me to join him playing badminton in a indoor court/hall near my house. So after few times missing it (either I was busy, or I was lazy he he he), I finally followed him. I even asked him to get me a brand new badminton racket.

The indoor court/hall is quite big. It houses more than 15 badminton courts, a cafe and a sport shop. We reached there slightly late. My brother's friends has already started playing. Most of them are known to me, his ex-classmates. After the usual hello-how-are-you routine, I started to warm up. Like a pro lah...must warm up your body and muscles or else the body will ache the next day.

After a few moments, we were up, we played double, me and my brother. Well, I found out that I was not that ...ahem ...agile anymore, ha ha ha ... must be the few kilos I put on those few years. I also lost some of my ... ahem ...golden touch.

We played few more games after that. After the fifth games, I surrendered, more energy. So, I sat back and enjoyed watching my bro's wacky gang played. And my legs were aching like hell....and it still ache now.

ha haha....I guess I need to go exercise more....

Now, where did I put my Salonpas??