Monday, October 18, 2004

Holiday in Langkawi

Colleague: So, how was it?

Papi : OK lar.

The standard reply.

But the truth is, it was the worst holiday we have ever been. :( (long entry ahead)

With a BIL who only cares about his stomach and sleeps and has only one word in his culinary dictionary; "CHINESE", a SIL who would tell you anything is fine with her, but will complained to you if it's not to her liking, a spoilt brat/nephew who puts his hand in everything he comes across, a brother/sister nephew/niece that will argue among themselves every now and then, and will throw his/her tantrums for no apparent reason, I should have guessed how the trip would turned out.

The trip went wrong even before we were in Langkawi. My BIL and SIL were late. We managed to check in just in time before the counter closed. The departure gate was at the end of the departure building, so quite a long walk. With a 'warga emas' (my MIL), and nephew and nieces who want to go to the toilet at the most inappropriate time, it was a nerve wrecking time-chasing experience. However, we arrived just in time for boarding. *phew*

The weather was fair in Langkawi. It was drizzling, but it stopped after a while. Went straight to our rented condo, a 3-bedrooms condominium. Upon entering our room, my SIL went straight to the biggest room and put her things there. And she asked us "Eh, where will you sleep?". Duh! You have taken the biggest room, of course my MIL will take the medium size room, so what does that leave us? The small, one bed room, of course. *sigh* But we managed to get some extra dirty matresses.

Dinner at Barn Thai was superb! Unfortunately (??), it was the only thing I enjoyed in this whole trip. :( If you planned to go to Barn Thai, there is a 450 meters walkway across a mangrove. It can be quite scary and dark at night, and also the wood plank can be slippery after rain. But the food, heavenly!

The next day, was the worst. Being the only patrons in the Condo, we only have breakfast ala carte. And boy, does it really take that long to prepare the breakfast? It took us almost 1 and a half hours waiting for them to prepare for our breakfast. And it's only american style breakfast, fried beehoon and fried koay tiew. WTF?

Then we went to the Aquarium. After the aquarium, my BIL said he's hungry. And he prefer Chinese. *sigh* During lunch, he said we should go back to sleep. WTH?? We decided that we could go separate ways. Since we rented 2 cars, my BIL could go back to sleep if he wants, while the others can go up Mount Mat Chincang with cable cars. But later he decided to follow us.

The cable cars ride was awesome, the view's breathtakings, but quite scary. But it was worth it. After we came down from Mount Mat Chincang, my BIL again suggested we go back to the Condo so he could sleep. OK, well, since he insisted (and not to mention he looked bored), we headed back to the Condo. He crashed into his bed straight away. Mami and I decided we could go out and looked around, and get some kuih in one of the food stalls set up for Ramadhan. Few minutes later, my SIL called to say there was a water supply interuption. The first problem with the Condo. A couple of hours later, the water supply was restored.

After dinner, BIL decided to go back to the Condo again. But Mami and I went shopping together, and also to spend some time together *wink wink*. About 30 minutes later, we got another call. This time it was the electricity. We rushed back to the Condo to fetch them. Since they were feeling hot and stuffy, we decided to drive them around town while waiting for TNB to fix the problem. After driving aimlessly for about an hour, I had enough. I told Mami we are checking out and move to a nearby hotel.

So, rushed back to the Condo, pack everything in pitch black, settled everything with the Condo management, then drove to a nearby hotel. At the hotel, we were shown to our room, only to find that it was the wrong room. Mami even argued with the reception because they couldn't gave us price they promised earlier on the phone. After some hoo-haa, finally we were shown to our rooms. What a night!

The next morning, we found out that we do not have enough vouchers (short of two) for the buffet breakfast, so Mami and I have to eat at a nearby restaurant while the others went for the buffet. By 11am, we were all ready to go and headed for the airport. And I must say, I was really looking forward to this.

Don't get me wrong, but Langkawi's great. It's the persons whom you travelled with are not. My SIL even remarked "aiya, no more next time ah" WTF? What is that suppose to mean? Mami did a good job in organising the trip, handling every situation patiently, although she did snapped at me a few times. kkekekekekeke....don't worry, Mami, I understand. :)