Wednesday, October 13, 2004



Finally, it's Wednesday! And tomorrow's Thursday!

Why am I so happy?

Because Mami and I will going for a holiday in Langkawi tomorrow (3D2N)!! Yeay!!

We will be flying there tomorrow late afternoon, quite a big group actually. My MIL, my SIL and her family, Mami's nephews and niece. We are not bringing Yiyi this time. We wanted to, but we figure that since we are the 'organiser' of this trip and with such a big group, we wouldn't be able to 'control' the crowd with Yiyi around. "So, sorry Yiyi, next time Papi and Mami will bring you along, OK?." Yiyi will be staying with my parents for these few days.

We haven't planned on what to do in Langkawi, although both of us have been to Langkawi few years back. We have some pointers from Zbjernak (Thanks, man). I guess we'll just do it slow and steady, and just enjoy the trip.

So see ya next week!! :)