Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ghost Stories

BerukBoy emailed me, asking me where is my the second half of my ghost story I posted sometime ago. Well, BB, actually there was no part 2 :P

Personally, I have never had any encounter with visitor from the other side, just stories shared by close relatives, including my parents, and Mami.

Here's a collection of true stories for an early Haloween.

I was a kid when this happenned. I didn't experience it first hand, but was told by my father.

One day we went back to my mom's kampung in Kuala Kubu Bharu for the Chinese New Year. It was about 7pm, when we were about to leave for home, when a call from my Aunt stopped us.

She lives not far from KKB, about 15 minutes drive, in a small town near Tanjung Malim. Her daughter, my cousin, was possessed by two ghosts, a male and a female. Everytime she closed her eyes, she will see the two ghosts. It was believed that the ghosts followed her back, when she had an outings with friends and spent a night in an abandon temple.

My father, he was like a 'sifu', well at least to our relatives. He recites mantras and writes mantras on yellow paper as amulets. But he has no experience in exorcism. Like William Hung would say "I have no professional training". So my parents went to look for my Aunt, while I was left in the care of my uncle. When they reached her home, the house was quiet. My aunt was in the her daughter's room, with her sisters. My cousin was lying on the bed, and seems to be exhausted.

My father proceeded to asked for a glass of water, some salt, and some rice (uncooked). Then he burned an amulet with mantras on it, into the water and mixed the salt and rice into the water. And with this 'special liquid/holy water', he went around the house, and sprinkled the water around, while reciting some mantras and prayers. Few minutes later he returned to my cousin's room, and she was feeling much better. And she said the ghosts were no longer around. Hey! It worked! But this is not the interesting part.

The interesting part was when my parents were about to leave the house. At the front door, a crowd has already gathered! Almost the entire neighbourhood! Puzzled, my Aunt and my parents asked them why were they gathering there. They said they heard someone screaming. It was a very loud, painful and sad scream. It was a lady voice. As if someone was being tortured! And she was crying as well. But the weird thing is, neither my parents or my Aunt or my cousins in the house heard it. I wished I was there, at that moment!

Later we learned that the female ghost was gone, but the male ghost continued to harass her. I guess the male ghost was more powerful! We recommended a sifu to exorcise her, and she did went for a session, and the male ghost did left her.

Great GrandMa.
This story happened to my father when he was a kid, about 10 years old in China. That time, my grandpa, being a single father, sent his kids (my father, my uncles and my Aunt) back to China due to his work obligation in Malaysia. And they stayed there for 2 years, under the care of my father's grandparents. My great grandpa and great grandma lar.

My great grandma kicked the bucket when my dad was about 10 years old. A few days after she passed away, my dad was alone in the house in the morning. He was sitting on a chair, next to a table in the living room, and suddenly he felt very tired, but not asleep. He rested his head, sideway, on his arm on the table, his face facing the main door. Then suddenly he was frozen. He couldn't move. It was then he saw her. My great grandma. Walking though the main door, she slowly drifted into her room. My dad was very much awake, but could not move his body. He could clearly see her face, her body but not her legs, as it was kinda blurry, almost transparent. Few seconds later, she drifted out again from her room, turned her head to look at my dad, and smiled. Then she drifted to the main door and dissapeared. It was at this moment, my dad was 'freed'. In an instant, he jumped up, ran out of the house, across the field to his uncle working on the field. There, he hugged his uncle's leg hard, trembling. When he relates the story back to his uncle, he just laughed and said it is quite normal to see those things in China!

Well, that's a couple of the many stories he relates to us. Will share with you all in the future.....