Monday, October 25, 2004

Only in Malaysia...

Only in Malaysia...that in a concert attended by thousands, instead of waving Zippo lighters or glowing sticks, they waved empty mineral water bottles.

Only in Malaysia...that the Taiwanese host made announcements, through out the concert, looking for missing person. She even got FIR to do the announcement. "Ah...can Miss Chin A Lian come to the right side of the stage because your boyfriend Mr. Lim Kam Bing is looking for you.". The host who looked and sounded iritated by this later complained "Hey, I am not a supermarket sales assistant, you know?".

Only in Malaysia...that the same host had to announce a car number plate so that the stupid owner can remove his/her car because the car was blocking traffic. Amat memalukan!

If you watched TVBS Super Concert held in Stadium Larkin, JB, broadcasted over Astro Channel 19 last night, you will know what I mean.