Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Yiyi's First Visit to Berjaya Time Square

We took the monorail to Berjaya Time Square with Yiyi. With so many people and kids around, she was excited! Sitting in her stroller, kicking occasionally, she looked left and right, as if she didn't want to miss a thing.

"Mami, Mami, I want to see the roller coaster!"

Yup, we went up to the fifth floor (or was it the sixth?) to check out the roller coaster. But something funny happened when we were in the lift on the way up.

We got into the lift to go up to the upper floor. On the way up, a group of people came into the lift, including a middle aged (Maged) man. It was quite a squeeze, and Yiyi's stroller was forced to the back of the lift, with the Maged Man in front of her. Suddenly Yiyi reached out her hand and touched the Maged Man's crotch!! Mami was horrified, not to mention embarrased. And in an instance Yiyi used her Eagle Claw kungfu and 'plucked the grapes'. It was too late. Mami and I quickly pulled her hand back. I quickly did some damage controls by pretending to scold Yiyi. She laughed.

Mami : he he he Yiyi, you are so naughty ah..

Papi : ha ha I think the Maged Man thought it was you la

Mami : No lar, where got?

Papi : Seriously, because when he turned around, he only saw you, and not Yiyi who's lower.

Mami : Aiya, Yiyi, naughty ah you...


Berjaya Time Square was surprisingly less crowded compared to...say MidValley or Suria KLCC. And it was Sunday. Less 'happenning', I would say. Furthermore, not all shoplots are occupied. There were a few events, a slimming center showcase, Canon/beauty pageant thingy and a scrabble competition, but the crowd was just not there.

You will not get this shot on a weekend at Suria KLCC or MidValley.