Thursday, November 04, 2004


Looks like a lot of people are sick.

Yiyi had fever for the last couple of days. Slight fever, running nose, sneezing and coughing. We bought her to see her pediatrician the day before yesterday. Only a minor infection on her throat, and also flu. She was given some liquid paracetamol, some medication for her flu and cough. But she was still very active, running around, dancing, singing, kicking, playing 'cak' with us. The doc said normally the flu will be around for 2-3 days, before the body natural antibody takes care of it. She was already feeling better yesterday. No more running nose.

I saw a lot of sick people. At lunch, people are coughing and sneezing. My colleague took time off to send 3 of her children to the clinic. Another collague's son was hospitalised because of viral infection.

It could be the weather. The weather is really bad these few days. 'Bad' in the Malaysian sense. Very very hot in the morning, and heavy rain in the afternoon or evening.

Looks like I need to store up some Vitamin C!

Cak : It is actually a game where you hide yourself, or you cover your baby with a cloth or something, so that your baby cannot see you. Then you show yourself, or you removed the cloth, and say "Cak" or "Chak". When I do that to Yiyi, I will also say, "I am coming to catch you!" and she will frantically run away from me, laughing all the way.