Monday, November 08, 2004

Jakarta! Aku datang!

Here I am, sitting in front of my computer in the office, typing this entry, I am 3 hours away from my flight to Jakarta.

Yup, I am flying to Jakarta this afternoon on a business trip to give presentation to a bunch of engineers tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to blog from the hotel. I was told that the rooms that we booked has internet facility, and it's not free. Let's hope they have broadband.

The trip is a 3 days 2 nights trip, if there is no change of plan. Hopefully I will be able to make it back for the holidays, before Deepavali.

So what's good in Jakarta? My colleague commented that their Sup (Soup) Buntut is nice. "Sup Buntut?" I asked to confirm. I thot I heard Sup Bunjut. "Ya, Sup Buntuut" he said, imitating an Indon slang. It's actually Sup Ekor. OK, so buntut in Indonesia is actually ekor in Malaysia. Mami later added that buntut in Malaysia is pantat in Indonesia. And perlu in Malaysia is butuh in Indonesia. For eg. "Saya butuhkan mu". hahaha... So now, i have to switch to my Malay/Indonesia mode.

Baik, Sup Buntut, ini saya mari!! (OK, Sup Buntut, here I come!!)

Buntut : Malay meaning your ass.
Ekor : Malay meaning tail.
Perlu : Malay meaning need.
pantat : A vulgar Malay word refering to female genitalia. But in Indonesia, it means backside.
Butuh : Another Malay vulgarity refering to male genitalia. But in Indonesia, it means need.