Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Amazing Race 6

Yesterday we watched the Amazing Race 6, the 2-hour premiere. We missed it last week, so when Astro had a re-run last night, we were glued to the TV.

As usual, 11 teams of 2 person from all over America, race around the globe to be the first team to cross the finish line and win 1 million dollars. This time around we have 4 young couples, 2 married couples, a team of married seniors, 2 sisters' team, a father/daughter team and a all-guy/buddies team. But we don't see any Chip-and-Kim material here, our favourite team who won The Amazing Race 5. But alot of young hunks and hot chicks. Like Mami said "Wah! A lot of nen-nen pok".

However, this could be the most intense race of all. It seems like almost all the time, there is one or more teams that is arguing. The father argued with the daughter. The younger sister screamed at the elder sister. The husband shouted profinities to the wife, and even a mention of divorce. And best of all, a husband wrestled with his wife, body-slamming and power-driving, but I think that was for the camera. They are professional wrestlers.

The team I hate the most? The Jonathan the Dictator and his wife, Victoria. This guy admits he's a dictator because he is smart and he knows what he's doing, so everyone MUST listen to him, including his lovely wife. He orders strangers to help him, like kuli or something. He nags and whines and shouts abuses to his wife, which I think is degrading. And it is an irony because one of the reason (apart from winning the 1 mil) is that they hope to use this race to get their relationship back on track. But then, it should be interesting to have them in the race and I am sure they are one of the most interesting team to look out for.

How about my favourite team? Well, still early to say. I was hoping for a Chip-and-Kim-like team to be around and to upport, but I see none. Tonight is the second leg of the race, Astro AXN 8pm. Don't forget!

nen nen pok: Hokkien?? meaning tit. ;)