Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dear Jet Li..

I was surfing aimlessly when I stumbled upon Jet Li's official website.

In the Q&A section (of the Work(Projects) section), someone named Karen wrote to Jet Li:

Dear Jet Li,
I would like to comment about the movies ( RMD and KOD ). Both these movies have explicit scenes in the beginning. I was wondering , if you've wanted the scenes ( like in those movies) to be editted in the movies.

It was quite embarassing to watch especially since I'm still under-aged . You know how the Asians feel about these kind of scenes especially the Chinese. And I want to hear your side of view.

Thank you.

Jet's Response:
I am not sure about the policy in all countries, but for most there is a movie rating system that tells you by what audience the movie can be seen. In the United States both of those movies were rated R so it is very clear which people should watch it -- no one under 17 without a parent or guardian.

Also, the director wanted to shoot that scene and situation as a part of the story. It was the director and writer's decision to express the story with this scene. Probably the best thing to do, if you do not like that type of situation, is to not watch the film. Different people have different levels of sensitivity to different types of things. It is important to understand where your own feelings lie and make a decision to watch, or not watch, based on those feelings.

And, if you're watching it on video or DVD, I suppose you could fast forward through that part too.

Let me give you an advice, Karen. I think you should stop sneaking into your dad's room and stop going through and watching his hidden collection of VCDs and DVDs when your parents are not around. :)