Friday, November 19, 2004

An incident at the cafe

Well, it actually happened during my business trip to Jakarta last week. My colleague and I was waiting for our Indonesian partner to pick us up for dinner, while we window-shopped at the mall. The guy called and said he will be late, so we decided to go and have some drinks.

We sat down at a Coffee-Bean-wannabe cafe in the mall and ordered few drinks and puffs. At the small round table, my colleague was seated directly in front of me. I noticed there were a family of 3, sitting at a table opposite our table, directly in front of me (with my colleague in between). The young mother was holding a baby in her arm, while a 4 year old boy was sitting next to her. The young mother was facing my direction.

While I was enjoying my Iced Cappuccino, I was looking at the baby and I realised she has an adourable baby. So once in a while, I would look at the cute baby, in the mother's direction, as she was holding the baby. The baby was resting on her chest. But I couldn't see very clearly what she was doing, because my colleague was blocking my view. He was sitting in between us.

Then at one point, I happened to look at the young mother, and she looked back and I was quite surprised because she looked uncomfortable and seems to be a bit unhappy. Angry, to be exact. I didn't think much at that time, so I didn't pay much attention to it.

Then, suddenly, it crossed my mind!

"Could it be....."
"No lar, cannot be, not in public lar"
"But this is Jakarta, you know"

My mind argued.

I bowed my head low. Using my colleague as a shield, I stole a few quick glances towards the young mother. And I don't have to really see in details to find out what was she doing. She was wearing a shirt and the top 3 buttons were undone.

She was breastfeeding her baby. In public!

And we are not in a hidden corner, or a dim-light cafe. We are sitting directly in front of the main entrance of the shopping mall! Then I realised that everyone who passed by the cafe will look at her direction. Even the 3 hamsap guys sitting behind me, was whispering and chuckling.

She must have thought I'm a pervert or something. Trying to peek at her tits while she was breastfeeding her baby. Oh, well, nothing I can do to stop her from making that assumption.

I am not against breastfeeding. But I think breastfeeding in public is not appropriate. Yes, the baby has the priority and when he's hungry, he's hungry. But if she has to do it in public, why not use a piece of cloth or something, to cover herself. Or maybe sit somewhere that is more secluded and hidden, so it is not that obvious. This way, you will be more comfortable, the public will be more comfortable.

Well, I never encountered this in KL, have you? :)