Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Killer and The Inspector

I was reading AW post about the card and board games he played with his kid, when I think of a card game we played back in college.

It's call the Killer and the Inspector. It's quite easy and fun. Get a group of your buddies, about 7-8 people, the more the merrier. Now from a dec of cards, get the Ace of Spade and the Jack of Heart out.

The Ace of Spade is the Inspector. That means whoever gets the Ace of Spade will become the Inspector. The Jack of Heart is the Killer. That means whoever gets the Jack of Heart becomes the Killer. Also you will need other cards to make up the remaining number of people, preferably number cards (2-10, any symbols).

Deal the cards to each person, one each. No one knows what card the other one gets, so no one will know who the Inspector and the Killer is. Then everyone will look at each other and stare into each other's eyes.

The Killer, obviously, will have to kill people. The Killer do this by winking ;) at his 'victim'. Of course he has to do it steathily and cautionly. The victim, when killed, will have to die and show his card, but he cannot reveal the identity of the Killer. To be more fun, the victim can 'die' dramatically, with action, sound effects and all. The Killer can continue to kill people as long as he wants, taking his time from one victim to another, until he is either being caught by the Inspector or until there is no else left except the Inspector. However, the Killer cannot kill the Inspector. If the Killer winked at the Inspector, the Killer identity is blown and the Inspector wins. If the Killer killed everyone except the Inspector, the Killer wins.

The Inspector catches the Killer by observing everyone. If he catched the Killer winking at (killing) a victim or even winking to the Inspector himself, then the Inspector will catch the Killer and announce who the Killer is, the Inspector wins. But if the Inspector made a wrong guess, then the game will continue. However, the real Killer, now knows who the Inspector is, and he will be more careful in 'killing' his victim.

The best part of the game is looking at each other's face and trying to figure out who the Killer is. And best of all, you get to wink at your best buddy's girl. he he he... Like I said, the more the merrier, as the Killer has more victims to kill and it's harder for the Inspector to figure out who the Killer is.

Sounds like fun? It is fun. Try it. :)