Saturday, December 04, 2004

Internet-less in Indonesia

Last Tuesday, our company received an urgent request for a meeting in Jakarta, following our last trip to Jakarta. After some last minute arrangements, preparations and bookings, we managed to book a flight to Jakarta on Wednesday morning.

That day was a hectic one. With a proposal deadline on the same day, and preparation for the meeting in Jakarta, I found myself in super-multitasking mode. And fortunately we managed to pull it off.

The trip was fruitful. The meeting went smoothly. They took note most of the recommendation that we put in during the meeting. The next day, we received information on some new ammendments that the client has put forth, which is exactly what we have discussed in the meeting. Looks like they are paying attention to us, which is good. But still, there are lots more to do.

In Jakarta, we went back to Hotel Borobudur. I was unable to access the Internet, although my room has Internet connection. So no blogging and emails for me for the 3 days stay. It could be my old laptop but I suspected problems with their server. Anyway, the technician came and checked, and found nothing wrong. :(

Back in Jakarta, I was able to see more of Jakarta, and to understand it better. I managed to check out some markets, shopping malls and I even took a ride on the Bajaj !! (Indonesia version of auto rickshaw). But that's will be another entry (with photos, of course!).