Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Christmas Wish

I was reading Lilian's 5xMom blog on Baby Ryan's Christmas wish and I decided to do my part. BTW, Mami is a big fan of 5xMom, and her 'gangs' (TwinsMom, mumsgather).

Ryan and her mom has a little wish for these festive seasons, that is to give all the children in the University Malaya Medical Centre (Kuala Lumpur) a small gift as a loving gesture from Baby Ryan to his friends in UMMC. UMMC has been Baby Ryan's home since he came to this world on 8 August 2003. Baby Ryan has a condition called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), with an opening in his diaphragm.

You can check out Baby Ryan wish for the New Year here (with instructions on how to contribute). You can also read the story of Baby Ryan here and continue here.

Papi and Mami will do our part. Please help or contribute anyway you can. Let's give Baby Ryan and friends in UMMC a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Photo Source: 5xMom