Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Boring Story Part 1

Due to popular demand (he he he), I present to you, our pak toh story. But because I am too lazy to type, and also I think it's boring, so I am presenting it in FAQ Q&A format. Yup, engineers love FAQs Q&A. So here goes....

Q: When and where did Papi meet Mami?
- We can't exactly remember when we met, but we were coursemate, enrolling into the same course, the same college, the same batch. I can't recalled seeing her on the first day, neither does she. It was August 1993. Later I asked Mami whether she attended the orientation week. She said "No lar, that one for stupid people only. My senior housemate told me no need to go, because they will play a fool with you. So I slept at home."

Q: What happen?
- Nothing. We were just friends and classmates. She had her own gang, and I 'lepak' with my boys.

Q: Then?
- Then out of a sudden, our friends started to tease us. You know, people started to make jokes of us. "Papi had a crush with Mami." or "Papi likes Mami." blah blah blah. And these 'stories' was spreading like wild fire!!

Q: How do Papi and Mami react to these?
- At first we didn't pay much attention to it. But slowly, it's getting worst and worst. Suddenly everybody seems to know about Papi and Mami. Students that I have never met before will come to me and say "Hey, so you're Papi. So how's Mami doing?".

Q: Are your friendships affected by this?
- Yes. We were embarassed and began to avoid each other. One day, Mami was walking down the stairs and I was walking up. The moment she saw me, she turned around and walk back up!! ha ha ha...

To be continued....

pak toh : Cantonese meaning dating.
lepak : Malay meaning hang out.