Thursday, December 16, 2004

Boring Story Part 2

Here the continuation from Part 1 of the Boring Love Story...

Q: So how did Mami feel about all this?
- Mami was quite angry and embarassed. Later when I asked her, she said she actually hated me. She thought I was the one who started all this, creating all sort of stories about us. But I explained to her that it wasn't me. It was a prank by a wacky friend. It was meant to be a joke.

Q: So you know who was the prankster.
- Of course we do. Actually her is one of our closest friend. But we do not blame him on anything. It was just a silly joke played by some silly college students.

Q: How long did this go on?
- It went on for 2 years. However, we still went for outings in a group, eating out. But we still felt awkward being around each other.

Q: What happen next?
- After 2 years, most of us were graduating, including myself. However, Mami has to stay for another semester for some other subjects. So a group of us planned a trip to Pangkor Island to enjoy ourselves after the final exam. It was quite a big group, a 3 days 2 nights trip, Mami and I joined the trip.

Q: So this was when sparks flew and the fireworks started?
- ha ha ha Not yet actually. You see, the teasing continued even in the trip. In the bus, Mami was sitting with a friend, and I was sitting with another friend. When we stopped for a break, Mami's friend actually took my seat, leaving me only the seat next to Mami. So I went and sit with her, I tried to strike up a conversation with her. Nonetheless, both of us felt awkward.

Q: What happened during the trip?
- We rented a few motorcycles to tour the island. As you would have guessed, I was 'forced' to take Mami as my passenger. It was the first time she rode a motorcycle. It was also the first time she touched me. he hehe...

Q: So, that's when all this started?
- Be patient, not yet. You see, she was quite nervous, it was her first time riding a motorcycle. So she was holding tightly the rail at the back of the seat on the kapcai. Then I told her, to hold my shoulders instead, much more safer. She was a bit reluctant, but later she eased up a bit, and we had some fun. And then there was this story about the ants.

Q: Ants?
- ha ha...yup! The boys had a story about ants. There was this guy who came to the college by motorcycle. One night he had to fetch a female friend back home because it was late. One the way home, with the road bumpy and all, and the girl is a busty chick, she was leaning her body way back so that her tits would not touch his back. So we used to joke that he should have jam-brake the motorcycle, sending her body forward and pressed her tits against his back. And when she asked what had happened, he could say there were ants on the road, and he didn't want to killl them.

Q: So you did that to Mami?!
- No lar, I am a gentleman. Actually Mami knew the story too, and on the bike , she warned me "If you saw ants on the road, just press on and roll over them. Don't brake!".

Q: Did you and Mami enjoy the trip?
- Yes we did. The final exams were over. We were just having fun and a great time. And because of this, we actually let our guards down, loosened up and ease up a bit with each other. We talked, played games together, enjoyed the stars together. I bought her some souvenirs, she bought me an ice-cream. We both bought some t-shirts which we still keeps. And I beginning to have to have some feelings for her.

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