Friday, December 10, 2004

Phone Cards

Whenever I am overseas, I always look out for old used phone cards for Mami. She collects used phone cards as a hobby. While I was in Jakarta, I managed to get a few for her.

Normally, we will select those cards that represent the country, rather than just the telco logo and company information. We look for something that shows the uniqueness of the country, their culture, their people, their tradition etc.

Indonesia Phone Cards:

Bull Racing

"Dia juga perlu mandi" is printed on the card. (Translation: He needs to bath too)

To commemorate Asean Environmental Year 1996

Putri Indonesia - Jakarta(wearing traditional costume)

Putri Indonesia - Sulawesi Tengah

Putri Indonesia - Papua

Putri Indonesia - Jawa Timur

Wayang Kulit - Arjuna-Pandawa Lima

More (from other countries) to come!