Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Gift

"Yiyi, do you want me to give you a hundred ringgit or do you want a present?"


Yiyi was giving her Aunty (Mami's sis) the blur and confused look. She was trying to understand what Aunty is trying to tell her. Aunty asked again, this time with hand gesture: an index finger signalling 1, meaning 100 ringgit and then two hands apart with palm open, as if holding a imaginary box, signalling a present. Again, Yiyi looked at her with a confused look, eyes not blinking.

I was sitting nearby with Mami. You see, exchanging Christmas gifts was really not something we do every year in our family. Firstly we are buddhist, and secondly, although we celebrated Christmas like any other races in Malaysia, but we don't exchange gifts.

Suddenly I realised that if Aunty were to give something to Yiyi, she is actually starting a new trend in the family! I would have to 'return the gift', not only by buying presents for two of her sons, I also have to be 'fair' to others as well. So that would be, 3 of Yiyi's cousins from Mami's Elder Brother, 2 cousins from Sis 2, and 3 cousins from Sis 3. And then there is the Younger Brother. And this will go on every year! Apart from the CNY angpow. Alamak!!

I made a quick glance towards Mami, and she looked back. I can see the same fear in her eyes and we seems to have the same thought. I bet Mami was thinking "Give us the 100 ringgit, then we can use the money to buy presents for your sons."

Ha ha ha actually we are not haji bakhil or kiam siap. We have been quite generous with gifts and angpows, but this month, we are on the tight side. We overspent last month, and this month too. And we hope that this month, the salary is on time. *pray*

But on the other hand, it will be great too. At least the kids will have a great time with the gifts this festive season.

*sigh*....Looks like Papi has to dig deeper into his wallet!

Haji Bakhil: A character in a P.Ramlee's movie who was so stingy with his money.
Kiam Siap : Hokkien meaning stingy.