Monday, December 20, 2004

Skinny Naughty Girl

Over the weekend, we brought Yiyi back to Mami's hometown, to see her Ah-Mar (Grandma - Mami's side). It has been 2 months since we last went back.

As always, she took some time to adjust to her new surroudings. She will sit quietly, in Mami's arms, observing everyone. When Ah-Mar wanted to carry her, she would turn around and looked away, and clutched Mami's cloth tightly.

Mami also brought her to see her Ah-Chor, her great grandma, a short walking distance from Ah-Mar's house.

Aunty 1 : Wah so pretty ah.

Mami : he he he..

Aunty 1 : But why so skinny one? small size lar.

Ah Chor : Yalor, why so small size one?

Mami : She doesn't eat much. Nowadays, even more difficult to feed her.

Yiyi has lost some weight due to her fever last week. She is also very picky about her food now. And she seldoms take her formula now. We have been giving her porridge, cereals, bread, baby biscuits, cheese, fish, chicken etc but still she is skinny. Furthermore, now it's more difficult to feed her, she just refuse to eat. Looks like we have to come up with some new recipes for her.

At Ah-Mar's house, when she started to get used to the new environment, and started to feel comfortable with all the 'strangers' around her, she started to become active. With her other older cousins running around, playing, she wanted to join them to play. She was so exited, dashed around, crawled, jumped, kicked, screamed, sang and climbed. When we tried to stop her from doing what she wants, she would start crying and screamed on top of her lungs. Ha ha ha, she already know how to control the adults by doing that. By the end of the day, both of us were so exhausted, and we were having body aches. My mom said Yiyi is being manja by her grandpa. Aiya, it's not easy to take care of an active child.

Now, where did I keep my Yoko Yoko?