Thursday, December 23, 2004


It was me, actually. It happened when I was a small kid, although I have no memory at all of what happened that night. So this is actually based on what my parents told me.

That night, my parents attended a wedding dinner with my late grandfather. It was the wedding of a relative. Everyone was there, my two uncles and their families, my aunt and her family, and all other relatives and friends. It was quite a grand dinner, I was told.

Then out of a sudden, I started crying, got iritated easily and was throwing tantrum (and a major one too). All efforts to calm me down failed. Funny faces, cooing, making weird sounds, temporary toys, milk, all failed to quiet me down. My grandfather was embarrassed. He got angry and scolded my parents.

"How do you look after your child?!! Like that also cannot quiet him down!!"

My poor parents then decided to take me out of the restaurant and tried to quiet me down outside, but still, with no success. They noticed that there was a supermarket near the restaurant. So they figured that maybe they could get me something. I was still crying when they got into the supermarket.

Once in the supermarket, they went straight to the toys section. And according to them, straight away, I pointed to a big police truck (with siren and lights). And the moment they handed me the police truck, I stopped crying. When they took it away, I would start crying. So, leaving them with no choice, they had to buy the toy truck for me.

But when they saw the price tag of that toy truck, they got a shock. It was about RM20. Back then, when 50 cents can get you a decent meal, and with my parents total income of about RM400, RM20 was a lot of money. First, they tried to persuade me to get a different, and cheaper toys. No. Then they tried to trick me by telling me that they will come back later to buy it. Failed. No choice, they had to buy it. And RM20 was gone.

Back to the restaurant, I was happy with my truck. My grandfather was happy, everyone was happy, but my parents was not-so-happy. But then, a good news came out of nowhere. Apparently, my parents has hit the 4D!! It was first prize, and I think they won about RM5000!!

So every now and then, this story will pop up in our chats. And still they couldn't figure out why I behave so strangely that particular night. And according to them, I have always been a good boy and that was the only occurence that I threw my tantrum. It was as if I knew they have hit the 4D and insisted of having the police toy truck. So, some kind of paranormal, telephaty going on there? Pure coincidence? hmmm... I don't know.