Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Web Games

Phone : *ring ring*

Papi : Hello?

Mami : Hello, Papi.

Papi : Yes?

Mami : I want to tell you score now 269, 100.

Papi : errr....ok?


Phone : *ring ring*

Papi : Hello?

Mami : Hello?

Papi : Yes.

Mami : I want to telll you new score is 310, 800.

Papi : True or not? Don't bluff lar...

Mami : You want to see the screenshot? I can send over by email.

Papi : he he need lar...just give me 2 hours, I will have a higher score.

Mami : I give you 4 hours lar...he he he...


Mami : Just now 10.30am. Now 2.30am. So 4 hours already. So how?

Papi : Aiya, you don't come here eksyen eksyen lar, I sure will score higher one...

Mami : he hehe ...

Seems like Mami has been hit by the Bejeweled 2 bug! Since she has no work to do in the office, and with the holiday just around the corner, and no mood of working, the web game is keeping her busy. And everytime, she's got a high score, she will call me on the phone to tell me about it. ha ha ha...

So, if you are like Mami, no mood working, then try PopCap website. But if you got caught by your boss, don't blame Papi... he he he..