Monday, December 27, 2004

Tsunami Tragedy

This morning, at 7.30am...

Phone : ring ring......ring ring.....ring ring.....

Papi : Ermmm......*sleepy* ....Halo?

Dad : Hello? Papi?

Papi : Ya? *blur*

Dad : Indonesia had a great earthquake lar.

Papi : Ya, I know..

Dad : Do you know ML handphone ah? (ML's my bro girlfriend)

Papi : No, why?

Dad : I want to see whether they are ok or not. The earthquake, a lot of people died, and created great big waves too. Penang, Thailand ....

Papi : Ya, but they are in Bali. Bali is south of Singapore.

Dad : it?

Papi : Ya, don't worry, I think they are fine there. I will try to get her number and try to contact them, ok?

Dad : OK, just let me know when you contacted them. But don't let your mom know yet.

Papi : OK.

My brother and his gf are currently having a holiday in Bali. Typical of my brother, he would never call back to tell us that he' ok, leaving my parents worried and all. So how am I going to contact his girlfriend? He didn't bring his mobile phone along, 'coz he doesn't have international roaming. I think I could get her number from his mobile phone. I think they are too far south to be affected by the tsunami, but nevertheless, I will still try to find out whether they are ok.

Looking for information on the quake yesterday, I found out that the preliminary magnitude was set at 9.0, making it one of the world's strongest quake ever recorded. The highest and most powerful ever recorded was at 9.5 in Chile in 1960.

But the killer wasn't the quake, but rather the Tsunami. It is estimated that the big waves has claimed more than 11,000 lives (!!) in the region, and the number is still climbing. India, Sri Langka, Maldives, East Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sumatra and many more countries in the region were affected.

In Malaysia, according to The Star, at least 53 Malaysians were killed, and 34 reported missing. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of those who lost their lives in this tragedy. Our prayers are with you.

My bro has called home to say he's fine. But being a blur sotong that he is, I think I still wanted to call him to warn him about the tsunami and aftershocks.