Monday, January 03, 2005

Step by Step

Yiyi's now 15 months old. She is growing up pretty nicely, putting on weight. She was a bit underweight a couple of months ago. We tried a few formulas, and she likes the current one the best, which is also the most expensive in the market.

She is also very keen to learn new things. She tried to imitate whatever we do or say. The other day, we were talking about the Tsunami disaster and Acheh, and all the while she was repeating "A-ceh, A-ceh" and then giggled. She also likes to read, or rather look at, the newspaper. Every evening, when I got home, she will point to the newspaper, and wants me to read to her.

But best of all, she is beginning to walk!!

Earlier, I blogged about how she's a bit slow in walking, because Papi Mami have been pampering her too much, ha ha ha. We have seen a 9-month old baby walking, running and jumping. Over the past few weeks, she is getting a bit stronger, thus we tried to train her to walk.

First, we sat down on the floor, about 2-3 feet apart, facing each other. Mami would hold Yiyi, and then asked her to walk over to me. At first, we hold her hands, and then slowly we let her go on her own. Then we sat further apart, about 5 feet. Her legs were wobbly at first, GrandPa said like she was drunk. But they're getting stronger and steady. Sometime, she would run towards me from Mami's arm. Sometime, she would dived into my arms.

And now, she could hold on to things and stand on her own. She can also walk on her own by holding on to the table, or sofas. And the longest she could walk completely on her own, without any assistance, is about 5 seconds. Actually she was more like running!! ha ha ha..

Anyway, looks like our plan to have her walking by Chinese New Year is looking good. Oh ya, she also starts calling us Papi and Mami. :)