Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The ugly human

Although many people are out there are voluntering their effort, time and money in helping with relief effort for the tsunami disaster, still there are other people who is taking advantage of the situation.

First we read about how certain people used the donation drive organised by some organisations as a 'tong sampah'. We read on how some people were using this as an opportunity to do some house cleaning and some unwanted items, such as torn cloths, shoes, useless stuffs were 'donated' to the donation centres.

Then we read about how certain commercial organisations were making money (tsu-money) out of this tragedy.

We also read about how people in Kota Kuala Muda (and I am sure elsewhere as well) are facing looting problem, especially those houses that are still intact and were asked to evacuate.

And now, this...According to United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), human traffikers were preying on Acheh's kids who were made homeless or orphaned by the killer waves. There was at least one confirmed case where a kid was smuggled out of Acheh to Medan.

According to Unicef's spokesman for Indonesia, John Budd:
...he said Unicef's Malaysian office had received an SMS yesterday advertising 300 orphans from Aceh aged between three and 10 for sale.

“It's chilling,” Budd said. “What this indicates is that they have got children or they have a network where they can identify a child and take them.”

The Indonesian government was quick to put on a child travel ban to prevent child trafficking, and they are currently are trying to trace and register all homeless or orphaned children so that they could be tracked.

It was estimated that about 35,000 child were made homeless or orphaned in Acheh.

Sometime, human can be very 'ugly'.