Wednesday, January 12, 2005


We were at a hypermarket in Kelana Jaya yesterday when we bumped into a group of ladies buying loads and loads of female undergarment and sanitary pads. We figured it was for Tsunami aid effort. (But I thought they no longer accept clothing, no?)

When we were about to leave, and pay for our stuff , we bumped into them again at the cashier. There were 3 women (from the same group) at the cashier, helping the cashier to load them into their trolley, with boxes and plastic bags. And being the shortest queue at the cashiers, I decided to queue behind them.

It was quite a long wait, with loads of undergarment, spilled onto the floor, the cashier was having a hard time sorting out those stuff. I wasn't in a hurry, so I just admired their effort and time they put in for the Tsunami victims.

Then out of a sudden, I noticed another lady from another queue, heading my way. She was actually queuing in the next queue, which was longer than mine, and it seems that her queue was a bit slow as well, and she was getting a bit impatient. She pushed her trolley in front of mine, and tried to get into the gap my trolley and the group in front. I looked at her, smiling.

"Saya satu group dengan dia orang. Kami nak hantar untuk Tsunami. Bagi saya dulu."
Translation: I am in the same group with them. We are sending those for the Tsunami (disaster relief effort). Let me go first.

No thank you, no please, no excuse me.

I'm a gentleman, so I let her go first. I looked at her trolley. Some vegetables and some grocery stuff. Didn't looked like it's for Tsunami victims. But she was with the group alright, although she just stood there doing nothing, not helping the other women with those bags and boxes.

Some time Malaysian can be a kind lot when it comes to relief efforts and helping the needy. But (some) Malaysian turns ugly when it comes to these small things: jumping queues, holding the lift, inconsiderate parking, stopping at the zebra crossing, helping a lady and her baby...the list goes on and on....