Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Evil PapiMami

We are evil. We terrorised some school kids today.

We went back to my parents house for lunch and to see Yiyi. At about 2.30pm, we left for the office. While coming out from the street, I took a left turn towards the main road. A group of school kids, 3 boys and a girl were walking in the middle of the road, as if it was their great great grandaunty's road. As there were cars parked on both side of the road, leaving only a narrow gap for me to pass, I slowed down and took my turn slowly and carefully. At the same time, I was trying to avoid the school kids.

They walked to the left of my car, walking very very closely.


I stopped my car, while Mami frantically asked me what's wrong. I looked at my rear-view mirror, just in time to see one of the kids lifting his hand from my bonnet.

"I think one of them slapped on my bonnet. Hard."

The boy looked back at me, through the mirror, with a faint of panic in his face, when he realised I didn't like what he had done to my car.

I put the car into reverse, and slowly tailed them. Mami quickly reached for the digicam. "I want to snap their photo. That should scare them to death!" Mami said with an evilish grin.

The boy (with another male friend) now sensing something was wrong began to walk faster, than his other friends. Still reversing, I sped a bit to overtake the boys. We managed to overtake the boys at a junction, and Mami snapped the first photo. The camera-shy boys looked away.

The group then split at this junction. The two boys walked away from us and turned at this junction, trying to get away from us. While his two friends (a boy and a girl) continued walking passed us, laughing all the way.

We followed the boys. They continued trotting away from us, when I decided it's time to catch up with them. I stepped on the accelerator. Sensing that I was closing in, and maybe in a flash of panic, one of the the kid ran like hell!! No prizes for guessing which kid ran.

We were laughing like mad in the car, looking at the kid running like some mad dogs were on his tail. In this case, PapiMami were on his tail! I decided to terrorise the kid some more. I knew eventually the kid will join back to his gang on the other street, so I decided to go around and meet them head-on.

So I drove the car, slowly, to the other street, expecting to see the kid and his gang in front of me. I was right. The kid was just running back to his gang, thinking we were gone. He was dead wrong. He was still looking at his back, to see whether we were still following him, without realising we were in front!!

He didn't realised we were in front, and Mami was snapping pictures of him, until we were about 5 meters from him. As soon as he realised we were still 'stalking' him, he dashed in the opposite direction. And his friends were laughing at him. kih kih kih...

Then we decided to let him off, and headed off to the office, laughing ourselves silly all the way.