Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Duplicate Saman

Phone : ring ring...

Officer 1 : Hello?

Papi : Hello, Is this the Elephant Stream police headquarter?

Officer 1 : Yes?

Papi : I have a problem with my traffic summons.

Officer 1 : Oh? You should call this number 06-XXX XXXX

Papi : OK. Thanks.


"Phone : ring ...ring....

Officer 2 : Yes, Traffic department.

Papi : Hello, I have a problem with my traffic summons.

Officer 2 : OK.

Papi : I had a summons for my accident back in 1998, and I have paid the compound. I also have the receipt. But when I checked with the online system, it shows it's still outstanding.

Officer 2 : Oh? Can I have your IC?

Papi : It's A1234567

Officer 2 : *check check* no records lah.

Papi : OK, I'll give you my new IC number. It's 010101-01-0001.

Officer 2 : Yes, you got an outstanding summons.

Papi : But I paid, the receipt number is YYY YYYY.

Officer 2 : *check check* oh ya. hmm.....

Papi : .........

Officer 2 : In the database, you have 2 summonses lar.

Papi : What?!! Two?

Officer 2 : Yeah, let me check first. When is the summons for the accident issued?

Papi : The date written here is blah blah blah...

Officer 2 : hmmm....It shows you have two summonses. One you have settled. hmm...I think silap lar...(silap : mistake)

Papi : huh??!

Officer 2 : You have to come down here lar, to see our officer. Then we check for you.

Papi : Aiya, cannot settle through the phone ah? I can fax you my receipt.

Officer 2 : Cannot lar, must come down here. If not you 'teruk' tau. (In deep shit!)

Papi : *gulp* OK lar. Thanks.

I think they might have entered the summons twice into the system. So even though I have paid my fine, there will still be one outstanding. Aiya, looks like I have no choice but to go down to settle this. Very the 'mah fan'.

mah fan : Cantonese meaning troublesome..