Thursday, January 20, 2005

Siaran Tergendala

I was reading LcF's post about the BlogLines Plumber when I was reminded by something that happened during my childhood.

Back then, in the 70s and early 80s, our TV has got only two channels. RTM1 and RTM2. TV3 was not even around, what's more NTV7 or 8TV or Ch9. I still remember it was only black and white video (our TV no color one), and the shows came on at around 5pm till midnight.

But back then, service disruptions were frequent. We are talking about once every 2-3 days. Sometime it was resolved fairly quickly, and the show resumed, but sometime it took them hours to continue transmission.

And one of the thing I remember most about the service disruption is this:

"Maafkan kami ...deng te-deng deng
Maafkan kami ...deng te-deng deng
Maafkan kami ...deng te-deng deng
Maafkan kami ...deng te-deng deng
..... "

with a cartoon showing on the TV screen to announce the disruption. The song was actually from P.Ramlee's Maafkan Kami (Forgive Us).

Mami has a different story though ( I can't recall, but it could be the same cartoon). There was a cartoon showing a fat man in front of a TV. So Mami went "Aiya!! Tua Pui Long Phai Ten Si Kee liao" (Hokkien: Oh no, the fat man broke the TV!"