Thursday, January 20, 2005

Naza vs Waja

We have been teaching Yiyi to name the cars we have in the house. She said "Waja" when we pointed to the Waja. She said "sa" when we pointed to the Kelisa, and she said "me" when we pointed to the Mini.

Yesterday we went to check out the new Naza Citra, launched two days ago. For those who don't know, Citra is actually based on Kia Carens, aka ciplak lar. While we were checking out the MPV, Yiyi became very excited.

Yiyi : *shouting* WAJA!! WAJA!! WAJA!

Papi : No, not Waja, Naza.

Yiyi : *still shouting* WAJA! WAJA! WAJA!

Papi : Not Waja, Naza. Can you say NA..ZA..

Yiyi : *louder now* WAJA!! WAJA!! WAJA!! WAJA!! WAJA!! .....

And she kept repeating "Waja", with her booming voice echoed through the empty showroom. So there we were, a family who were checking out Naza cars in a Naza showroom, with a toddler who kept shouting Waja. he he he....