Thursday, January 27, 2005

Show and Tell

Yiyi have been learning quite well and adapting quite fast. We have been teaching her simple things from her alphabet books and from her surroundings. She's able to apply to her speech and her actions, even things that we didn't know she knew! Things that we have never shown or taught her. It's really amazing how kids learn on their own and be able to relates them.

One of the game we play with her is the Show and Tell. We tell her the word or the thing, and she will point it or show it to us.

"Yiyi, are you angry?"

"Yiyi, where's your nose?"

"Yiyi, where're your ears?"

"Yiyi, where's your hair?"

"Yiyi, where's your hand?

"Yiyi, where's your nen-nen?" (Yiyi pronounced it neh-neh)

"Ehhh....shame shame, cannot take off your shirt ah!" ha ha ha...She wanted to take off her cloth to show us her nen-nen!!

nen-nen: Chinese (baby talk) loosely translated as milk. It could be refering to the milk bottle or breast.