Friday, January 28, 2005

Losing a Laptop

I lost my laptop. *sigh*
My brother lost it, to be exact.

He went 'yamcha' last night with a bunch of friends in Sri Muda, Shah Alam. He drove our Mini, with the laptop in the passenger seat. He parked his car, removed some stuff from the laptop bag, and then hid the laptop beneath the driver's seat. Good move.

But he had to step outside of the car before he hid the bag. Bad move.

It's difficult if you are sitting in the driver's seat and try to slide something beneath the seat, especially in a Mini. So I guess the thief could be nearby and saw he hid something beneath the seat. And because it's an old Mini, there's no alarm. Lucky bugger.

He came back an hour later and found his car door not slammed tight. Curious, he checked beneath the seat and found nothing there. The laptop was gone.

He called me around 10.30pm, telling me what had happened. I told him to make a police report.

The laptop is about 4 years old. That's very very old in ICT age. The hinges are broken, and the casing cracked, but the Windows 98 worked fine albeit slow. I bought it for my brother when he went for his studies oversea, and when he came back it became our laptop. Back then it costed almost RM7000, one of the best in the market, now maybe around RM300. But it's not the monetary value that matters, it's what inside. Data. Backups. Work. Documents. Pictures. MP3. Confidential information.

We have been thinking of buying a new laptop, but we have been putting it off due to our budget and other reasons. So I guess now we have all the reasons to get a new one.