Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bad Luck

What a way to start the year of the cock....

I have been having a series of bad luck events since 2 weeks ago.

A few days before Chinese New Year (CNY), the external unit of my air conditioning unit in my master bedroom went 'kaput'. Being CNY and the holiday season, and as the compressor has a 5-years warranty, we didn't managed to get the service centre because they already 'close-shop' for the CNY. But we finally got to them yesterday, and it will take them 3 working days to process our complaint and then only they can take action. So for the time being, as for the past 1 week, we have to withstand the heat!

Two days before CNY, we headed home to pack our stuff to balik 'kampung' (My kampung is in USJ he he he), only to find there was a blackout. After a heavy downpour, four of the houses in the same row had no power. We called TNB, which they responded in half an hour. And power was restored almost immediately. I normally disconnect all power outlets and switch off all electrical appliances during a blackout to prevent damages by power surge. When the power was restored, we switched on a couple of lights to confirm the power is back. Then only we went around the house to switch on the electrical appliances one by one. The nightmare began when we tried to switch on the living room lights.

"Pop! POP!!"

The lights exploded! It's those lighting with 3 light bulbs on it. We have 3 of them, so a total of 9 fluorescent light bulbs. Casualty No.1. As we were late and rushing to go to my parent's house, we simply did a quick check on other major equipment and left.

Second day of CNY, we came back again to do some packing to go to Mami's hometown. We tried to switch on the Astro for some music, but all we get is "Service Currently Not Available". Weather was fine, and the decoder is still responsive. A quick check revealed that my satelite signals is 0. Something's wrong with signal receiving, either the satelite dish or the splitter. Casualty No. 2. Again we were rushing to leave for Malacca, so we put is aside to check when we come back.

Fourth day of CNY, we finally came back from Malacca. I decided to do some troubleshooting with my Astro. We have another decoder unit in my bedroom, with a small TV. I switched on the TV and ..Booommm!! The TV exploded! Casualty No. 3.

That night, we decided to sleep in the living room because it was too hot for Yiyi in my bedroom, especially with the air-con out. In the living room, we smelt something burning, thinking it was from the fried TV. We were wrong.

I switched on our living room ceiling fan. But when I wanted to change the speed of the fan, using a remote, the fan did not respond. It didn't even respond to the Off signal. Immediately we knew where the burnt smell was from. It was from the fan. Casualty No. 4.

But the killer came yesterday. We suspected high voltage being the problem. And if high voltage is the problem, we could make some claims to TNB to compensate our losses. So we called TNB to have them to check it out. They came, with experts, technicians, crane and all, took more than an hour to check. So what did they find? Loose wiring in the house, in my DB board, damn!. Which means it was an internal wiring problem and in this case, was not TNB's fault. Which also means we have to bear all the losses ourselves.

There goes our angpow money! *sigh*