Friday, February 04, 2005

Chinese Delicacies

One day, after taking a walk at the park, we took Yiyi back to my parent's house. We were exercising Yiyi, letting her do the walking.

Upon reaching home, we again put her down to let her walk in the house, but she refused to touch the ground. We know that she's just 'manja' (pampered) and wanted us to carry her around. But GrandPa and GrandMa think differrently.

GrandPa : Aiya, she tired already lar, the leg tired lar. (we know she's not because we have been carrying her)

GrandMa : Is it? Aiya tomorrow I have to cook some pig's trotter for her lar.

Papi : Huh?

GrandMa : Yalar, to make her leg stronger. Pig's trotter is good, you know. I just put a piece into her porridge.

Chinese has this concept "Yee Yeng Pou Yeng", cantonese meaning eating the parts of an animal will strengthen or improve the health of the same part in our body. For example, eating a pig's kidney will improve your kidney, eating a cow's heart will improve your heart etc...

I know this long ago. I remembered when I was sitting for my exams (SRP, SPM and STPM), one of the must-have delicacies that my mom made for me is the pig's brain.

Mom : Hah, drink this pig's brain soup. It will improve your brain.

Papi : But mom, pigs are stupid, aren't they?

Mom : Pigs are not stupid, is just that they don't use their brain often, so they look stupid. Since they don't use their brain often, so their brain is consider new and fresh lor. Eat lar.

Papi : *pinch nose and gulp* gulp gulp...

How does it taste? Like stale Tau-Foo-Fah. Yuk!!

A friend just told me that the Golden Rooster is a good year to have a baby. He asked me "Hey, where to get good tongkat ali?". I told him no need to go for tongkat ali. Just follow this Chinese concept. Eat more pig's dick, cow's dick or goat's dick. If possible, try elephant or horse.

But do avoid the testicles. Unless you want "tua lam pah". he he he...