Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Blogger vs Haloscan

Some of the bloggers out there found out that some of the comments posted on their free Haloscan have been disabled or hidden by Haloscan. Me included. This is because, as their normal member (free), we are only entitled to 4 months of database space. Comments older than 4 months old will be archived and stored into another database "to keep the performance of the site at an acceptable level". So I guess there's no free lunch, is there?

Check out Haloscan FAQ for more info.

That's why I am re-activating my Blogger commenting system. At this point of time, it's free and has no limit on storage space or time period. The commenting system has also been updated and now it supports pop-up window. Just like Haloscan. But still you cannot edit comments made on your blog. Not that I intend to anyway :) However, you can delete comments.

So why didn't I use Blogger Comments in the first space?

Actually I didn't like the interface (without the pop-up). It was a bit confusing and readers were forced to click on certain links at least twice. They still do. But now with pop-up, problem solved. But I still prefer Haloscan simple interface.

Another thing I don't like is there is no 'control panel' or 'management centre' for managing comments. A place where you could view all comments, see who made them, reply to comments, delete comments, ban IPs etc. BTW, can you ban a certain people from commenting using Blogger Comment? With Blogger, I have to go page by page to reply to comments. *sigh* Free and unlimited mah, so cannot complain lor.

So, as you can see, at the bottom of this post, I have two commenting system, a Haloscan's, and a Blogger's. Please us the Blogger Commenting System to leave your comment :) I am leaving Haloscan in, until I can figure out how to retrieve back my old comments. (No escape lar, have to pay already). And I will still be using their Trackbacks (coz Blogger don't have Trackback and Haloscan seems like no limit for Trackback). Eventually, Haloscan will have to go, unless they come up with something ;)