Monday, March 14, 2005


One fine day, at the nursery farm in Sungai Buloh .....

Papi : Eh? Mami about getting a mango tree. We can plant it at the side of our house.

Mami : Good idea. Let's ask the 'towkay'. (Boss)

Papi : Towkay ah! Mango got ah?

Towkay : Got, got! *walk walk* it is..

Papi : This one ah? *point* How much?

Towkay : Ya, RM15.

Papi : What mango ah?

Towkay : Chokanan.

Papi : How long before it will produce fruit?

Towkay : 6 months only.

Papi : Wah, so fast ah? 6 months ah?

Towkay : Ya...ya....*nod nod*

2 and a half years later.....

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Finally, our mango tree bears fruits. And only 3 mango fruits.

Mami : Yalar, my sister said it depends on the number of people in your house wan.

Papi : Meaning?

Mami : Meaning, for the first few times, if your house got 3 people, then it will produce 3 fruits lor. One for each person. You, me and Yiyi lor.

Papi : Sure ah?

Mami : Don't know lar, she said like that. Last time her house also the same. The jambu, the mango all produced 4 fruits only for her family. 4 person mah. Only after 3-4 bloomings, the trees started to produce more.

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My mango tree is about 2 meters in height. I will be trimming the top, so that it doesn't grew too big. I am watering it everyday, and putting fertiliser every month. I think I have to wrap it up, with some cloth or plastic bags, to protect it from insects and the environment.

Can't wait for the fruit .... :)