Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Watch More TV??

I cannot believe this. Some sort of an early April's Fool joke or what?.

Apparently, the government is telling the children to watch more TV!!! I can really imagine how this gonna sting back at me in a few years time......

Papi : Yiyi! Have you finish your homework?

Yiyi : Not yet, Papi. I am watching Ultraman!

Papi : What?! All you do is watch TV, watch TV. From noon, until now, almost dinner time, you know. Go take a bath and after dinner, go back into your room and study. Finish your homework also!

Yiyi : But I am learning right now. The government tells us to watch more TV.

Papi : Eh, you don't answer back ah. Where got the government so stupid one?

Yiyi : Got lar, you go and read your blog lar. It's on March 2005. In the media also. Some more they put pictures like Fear Factor lar, The Simpsons lar, Amazing Race lar.

Papi : Errr.....*think think* .... But do they put Ultraman picture there?

Yiyi : Err....No.

Papi : Then you cannot watch Ultraman. Switch it off now and go take a bath!

Yiyi : But Papi, Ultraman is fighting that Giant Squid and ....

Papi : No but but but....go now... now ... NOW!

Yiyi : ....

Watch more TV, students told

It looks like Aladdin's genie has granted schoolchildren their one big wish: To watch more television.

In a bid to get students to better grasp the English language, the Education Ministry is recommending they be allowed to watch more television.

The ministry is concerned over the "average" performance of students in Science and Mathematics taught in English for the past two years, and has devised several new strategies to counter the problem. One of them requires students to watch more television.....
I think they should be more precise lar. They should encourage watching TV for educational programs in English, or other TV programs with parent's supervision. And then encourage parents to spend some quality time with their children, watch some family shows or movies.

There's a funny cartoon by Kee in Kee's World, appeared in The Star in March 10. (Thanks Surfnux for the pointer)

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Kee's World is one of my favourite comics. Check out his comics in The Star.