Friday, March 18, 2005

An Unforgettable Trip to Genting

We will be going for a trip to Singapore next week. It will be the first time Yiyi will be leaving Malaysia and going for a holiday oversea. Yeah, Singapore also oversea mah.

Talking about going for trips, it reminds me of a story way back when I was in Form 3.

Back then, the school always organised one day 'belajar-sambil-melawat' trip to tourist attractions near Klang Valley. The plan was always learn-play-shop. First go to a place where you can learn, like a farm or a factory. Then go to the tourist attraction such as waterfalls, hot wells, historical sites etc. And lastly, on the way back to the school, we'll stopped at the most happening shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur.

That time, we went to Genting Highland. So the first place we went was the hydrophonic farm, somewhere along the hilly road up Genting Highland. As it was an 'official' trip, we were required to wear our boring school uniform. Me, being a prefect, was wearing an ugly green long-sleeves shirt and a pair of white long pants. At this farm, we were brought around by a supervisor, pretending to listen to whatever he said about the tomato plants and the rose and ...errr...I really didn't know what he was saying and I wasn't paying attention. My mind was a few hundred feets Genting, especially the arcade.

We spent about 1-2 hours at this farm, before we moved on to climb for Genting. At Genting, we were allowed to change to a more colorful attire. Some bought jeans and t-shirts. Others bought their leather jacket. But I only bought a sweater. Lazy mah, I never like to bring lots of stuff with me, why bring so many things, heavy some more. But I didn't realised this day would change my life forever!

The teachers gave us about 3 hours, free and easy. We can do whatever we want and go wherever we want, but we need to meet at the bus parking after 3 hours. The teachers, then went to the casino, I think. You think they actually went row boat at the lake for 3 hours ah? I don't think so.

So me and a group of friends quickly made our way to the arcade! It was one of the state-of-the-art arcade in Malaysia at that time! And it has got 3D games (those lousy, pixelated 3D games)! Fuiyo!! But something happened on the way to arcade.....

As we were heading towards the arcade, there was a small longkang (drain) that we need to cross. It's just a normal longkang you see everyday, with one side higher than the other, about knee height. Kacanglah! So I lifted up my left leg, cross the longkang, and then......prakkkkkkk.....

Oh shit! I just ripped my pants. The torn was from the bottom of my groin, all the way to left of my hip, exposing my left butt cheek and my loose (the getah almost failed to function) underwear. OMG! OMG! OMG! My friends were stunned. They didn't know what to do. I am sure they had a great laugh after that.

Suddenly everything went down that longkang. I wasn't thinking about the arcade anymore, I wasn't thinking about Street Fighter anymore. All I was thinking was "I wanna go home!!!". But luckily, I have my sweater, which was quite big. So I brought it around my back, waist height, and then tied the long sleeves around my waist. Just like Superman's cape. But this 'cape' was covering my chilly butt and saved me from further embarassement.

After that we still went to the arcade, and played some games there. But non-physical ones (like that motorcycle racing game), because I worried my sweater would fall off, exposing my butt. And I wasn't enjoying the arcade, not 1 bit. After 3 hours, we went back to the bus. And luckily, there was a friend who bought his jeans along. He changed to his jeans and gave me his dark-green school pants to me. And believe me, I never felt so good wearing that dark-green school pants.

So, because of this incident, I always go out well prepared. Wherever I go, I always bring extra pants, extra shirts, extra underwears, extra shoes, and more pants. Phobia kua?